Auricular therapy is a micro-system treatment of the Ear, to detect and treat specific reflex zones, being particularly good for physical pain, emotional/psycho-emotional and neurological conditions.

It is a modern European treatment, which has traditional Chinese teachings and developed with both western medicine science and Chinese medicine findings.

A less invasive but highly effective treatment, to help with any condition usually treated with traditional acupuncture, but more suitable for those with an aversion to needles. No clothes are needed to be removed, only all jewellery and earrings, watch etc.

It is suitable for young children and babies, as its not only needles that are used, you can also give effective treatment from using low level infrared laser, ear seeds and with the presence of the mother for reading the pulse.

Dr Nogiers through his long career as a physician and Dr in France, made the  discovery of an inverted foetus in the ear, through many years of persistent trial and error, he had the anatomical correspondences mapped out.

THE EAR – the science bit

The ear evolved to direct and amplify sound vibrations to the typrane membrane to perceive sounds. Internally the ear establishes balance and converts vibrations via nervous the system to interpret sounds.

The ear is one of the only regions of the body to be formed from 3 embryological germ layers, from the 4th week of development as an ambryo. The mesoderm, endoderm and ectoderm have an abundant supply of nerves, blood capillaries and lymph supply from 3 main nerve  branches –

1.    Auriculotemporal nerve (3rd trigeminal branch) CNV3
2.    Vagus nerve CN10
3.    Superficial cervical plexus C1/C2/C3

Central Nerve V3 – 3rd Trigeminal nerve, enervated from mesodermal tissue projections, it includes the Helix, Scaphoid, fossa and Antihelix.

Mesoderm projections include bones, muscle, tissue heart, kidneys, joints and limbs.

Central Nerve branch 10 – enervated by the auricular branch of the Vagus Nerve – the only part of this nerve to give sympathetic and parasympathetic fibres onto superficial tissue. Found on the Concha.

Endoderm projections include Tissue/Organs of the thorax and abdomen and everything contained within.

Superficial Cervical Plexus and branches – C1, C2, C3 – occipital, all come from auriculotemporal nerve branch -cranial nerve 7. (The Great Auricular Nerve)

Ectoderm projections onto the tragus, antitragus, lobe and tail of helix. This contains the central nervous system, eyes, teeth, mouth, skull and contains the higher order points – which are prioritised.

It is thought that auriculotherapy is mediated by the reticular and spino-thalmic systems, a two way communication from the ear to the body.

During the 4th week of development as an embryo – fusion of the 1st and 2nd brachial arches, 3 buds form (tubercules) on each arch. As the embryo develops, these buds for the different structures of the ear. Each from its own germ layer, with its own innervations from different cranial nerves.