An effective pick me up facial tailored to your skins specific needs, plus a relaxing back massage to ease your strain and stresses.

Treatment - £50


 [comfort zone]

Tranquillity Face & Body Ritual

A deeply hydrating anti stress treatment massage, which smells and feels out of this world, relieving tension and stress, while smoothing and toning the skin. Due to a unique massage, it creates an intense state of physical and mental well-being and comfort, using our luxurious Tranquility line, developed using high quality essential oils to give relax the mind and body, while giving strength and stability.

This treatment includes full body massage, face neck and scalp massage, face cocoon and lots of extra little touches. 

Treatment - £60


Male Facial Treatments

Men's pure Performance Facial - 55 Min Treatment - £55 (The same as Active Pureness, but with men's skin care finishing products).

Men's Hydra Performance Facial - 55 Min Treatment - £55 (The same as Hydramemory, but with men's skin care finishing products).


Sublime Skin Deluxe Lift Facial

Comfort Zone State of the art ultimate anti-ageing facial combines new Archi-lift technology with the renewing effects of the AHA double peel, for an instant resurfacing, brightening and replumping effect. Ideal for mature skin with visible signs of aging, this firming facial stimulates cellular regeneration using an exclusive peptide active mask, which mimics the action of botox, helping to oxygenate skin cells, giving an instant firming effect. The result is beautifully nourished smoother, radiant skin, with a more youthful lifted appearance. 

75 Min Treatment - £67.50


Sublime Skin Active Lift Facial

A Powerful resurfacing facial which can be adapted for any skin type, especially those with uneven skin tone, blocked pores and blemishes, but still gentle enough for those with sensitivity. Incorporating Comfort Zones advanced AHA double peel to deeply renew and resurface for an instant smoothing and re-plumping effect. Then completing with a mask and finishing treatment for your skin type. Suitable for all skin types and ages. 

55 Min Treatment - £57.50


Tranquillity Facial

An effective pick me up tailored to your skins specific needs.

30 Min Treatment - £32.50


Recover Touch Facial

A vitamin-rich anti-oxidant treatment providing intense ,moisture, to rebuild and repair damage caused from environmental skin stress.

55 Min Treatment - £55


Hydramemory Facial

 A deeply hydrating antioxidant treatment to nourish and protect the skin, suitable for all skin type, unisex and even young stressed skin or those showing the first signs of ageing. Particularly recommended in difficult weather condition, after sun exposure, during and after air travel.

55 Min Treatment - £55


Active Pureness Purifying Facial

A deep cleansing rebalancing treatment to render the skin fresh and compact, a treatment ideal for both oily, acne and depleted impure skins as well as those more delicate.

55 Min Treatment - £55


    [ comfort zone ] A luxury Italian, award winning, skincare brand representing a complete system of care for the skin, body, and soul. Using science based conscious formulas, delivering results driven skin care to respond to the health and vitality of the skin, body and mind. Using only the finest natural origin active ingredients and combining them with the most advanced high-tech molecules and carrier systems to guarantee maximum efficacy, safety and pleasantness from the products and treatments.

 We believe in working from the inside out and from the outside in, to improve the human condition and treat the whole body. We seek to promote a holistic, healthy and sustainable lifestyle, based in science and strengthened by passion.

Facial Treatments

Tranquillity Pro Sleep Massage

​An innovative massage acting on three different sensorial pathways: olfactive, tactile and hearing, for profound relaxation. 
The synergy of a unique blend of essential oils for sleep and relaxation, the bespoke Tranquillity™ Sound, uisng brainwave entrainment to slow down brainwave activity, Ayurvedic and Indonesian Sea Malay manualities combined with the use of soft brushes, gently guide the way to achieve a quiet and peaceful mind and body state favoring sleep and helping to recover from jetlag side-effects.

Recommended for those who feel stressed, unable to relax and have problems sleeping well. Ideal after long flights or travelling to a new time zone

​Treatment - £45​7.50


Sublime Skin Double Peel

This advanced facial is for those short on time, a mini version of our other sublime facials, offering a powerful combination of lactic acid with AHA and Vitamin C. Ideal for targeting uneven skin tone, fine lines, wrinkles and dullness. It safely and effectively removes the thickening layer of the epidermis, revealing an incredibly radiant, even complexion. Suitable for all skin types and ages.

40 Min Treatment - £37.50

(Course of 8 pre-paid in advance £240)



Body Treatments

Himalayan Salt Scrub & Detoxifying Body Massage

An intensive detoxifying salt scrub to give a super soft glow to the skin, leaving you feeling silky and smooth.

Why not add a detoxifying full body massage using an essential oil blend of Lemon, Orange and Grapefruit to stimulate circulation and lymphatic system. 

Salt scrub £45

With Massage £65


Skin Regimen Urban Longevity

Remedy Facial

​Remedy uses the power of a natural prebiotic, to improve the balance of healthy bacteria on the skins surface, along with plant extracts to reduce inflammation and repair the barrier of the skin. Leaving redness visibly reduced, with a more resilient barrier to prevent further irritation and reactivity. Perfect for a naturally delicate skin, those who have become sensitised for what ever reason, or those with eczema or dermatitis.

Free from fragrance, surfactants, parabens, silicones and mineral oils 

Recommended for skins which are sensitive, fragile and prone to redness.

​Treatment - £55


Himalayan Salt Massage


An extraordinary ancient ritual for the body which begins with warm Himalayan salt blocks being gently massaged over the whole body, which immediately bestow a gentle exfoliation, leaving a residue of intense minerals to detoxify the body. The heat also creates relaxation, alleviating tension, stress and anxiety. The treatment then proceeds with an exhilarating salt scrub, a combination of the precious pink Himalayan Salt with a nourishing aromatic oil to completely detoxify the body, ease aches and pains, stimulate the metabolism and restore vitality and balance.

•Eases muscle aches, pains and tensions
•Stimulates the metabolism
•Improves blood circulation
•Detoxifies the body
•Helps with Weight-loss
•Energetically rebalances

Treatment - £55


An advanced Stress Reducing Facial for the Mind, Face & Body! Particularly good for urban, city living, millennials and those preferring a healthy balanced lifestyle and in need of depolluting their lives!

Clinically proven to reduce stress and lifestyle effects on the skin.Whether the stress comes from our mind or environmental factors the result is stressed skin. We must protect our skin with a skincare and lifestyle regimen that is flexible and efficient to deal with our daily ups and downs. 

Stress effects on skin:
Increased temperature. - Inflammation. - Dehydration. - Reduced cellular turnover. - Impaired skin barrier. - Increased sebum production.

Our NEW Skin Regimen Treatment -
is customizable to correct specific stress-related imperfections and signs of aging, Skin Regimen rejuvenates the skin and leaves you feeling recharged and ready to face your busy day.

The complete facial lasts 55 minutes - £57.50