This is a crystal healing session using a combination of crystals and universal energy healing to balance the chakras and bring balance back to mind, body and spirit.

Perfect for those needing a less invasive treatment to bring help during difficult times, ease stress and anxiety or physical healing for the body.

Chakra crystals specifically for you are placed within the chakra area, to remove any energy blocks that may be stuck, then an aura cleanse is completed, to heal and repair the aura to bring peace and harmony back to the body and mind.

Suitable for everyone, including pregnancy, fragile and particularly those with mental health concerns. 

Treatment cost: £50


Crystal Healing Therapy

What is Crystal healing 

Crystal healing is the use of various crystals made of different elements and minerals, which can be used to produce many different healing effects. Using focused intent, a crystal creates its own energy field, within and around it, which can be passed onto the person using the crystal, to bring about healing. Different crystals can be used for different issues, but the more a crystal is used for healing, the stronger its energy will become with that person.

The therapist using crystals for crystal healing treatment, will cleanse and charge the crystals used after every treatment, ready for your treatment, so they are freshly cleansed for each person. 

Crystals are formed underground within the earth, from three dimensional repeating patterns of atoms. Made up of different minerals and magma from the earths core, the process of heating, cooling and displacement gives them their orderly structure.

The molecular structure of each crystal is different, but takes on an orderly, mathematically precise array of molecules. Which are densely packed together during formation, this stability ensures they react in precise, predictable ways, characteristic to each crystal group, to a wide variety of energy from sound, light, heat and pressure. They are also able to respond bio electronically to conscious thought and emotion.

As crystals each have their own electromagnetic charge, it is thought that they are able to communicate with the energy which flows in and around the human body. These healing vibrations from the crystal interact with the bodies electromagnetic field and energy centres to remove blockages, heal and restore a natural flow within the mind body and spirit.

Over time a crystal is formed by the minerals and elements within the earth, different minerals create different crystals, formed in an organised fashion, a crystal creates its own energy field in and around it, which is transferred to the person using it. The more a crystal is used, it creates an electrical charge, containing potential energy, which when used along with positive intention, can bring about healing powers for the user.

A crystal is formed Within the earth, they grow in clusters or ribbons within ancient river beds. When the temperature changes, the water disappears freeing up space then crystals begin to grow. They can also form in air bubbles, from volcanic rock, called geodes.

Any crystal can be programmed or charged, to use in treatment for anyone needing help, healing or to improve their wellbeing.

A crystal can change the vibration of your aura thanks to its piezoelectric effect, it’s this energy field that emanates from an energised crystal that brings about healing.

Crystal healing treatments can bring gentle changes to ease pain, stress, depression, by realigning your own internal energy, it can give strength and improve spiritual awareness and awakening.

Grounding is when you are in tune with the earths energy. It is a great at of releasing built up energy, from stress and poor lifestyle, causing energy blocks or a buildup of negative or toxic energy. It is grounded back to Earth during a grounding session.

Centering happens when you are grounded, bringing you back to yourself. Bringing you back into balance.

When massaging with crystals use hematite or onyx for grounding and remove negatively. Use quartz for general balancing

Chakra chords are Thin light connections from the chakra to people or things of significance.

To comb an aura After asking for guidance, placing the hands in a comb shape, with fingers spread out, comb through the aura around two inches away from the body. Flick each sweep, away from the body, to remove negative energy.

Or with a clear clear quartz or amethyst especially with a point, do the same sweeping motions with the crystal in your hand, sweeping away from the heart.

To find energy leaks Once confident with seeing the aura, you can see or feel dips in it, it will not be as deep in weakened or torn areas.

To repair an energy leak Again ask for guidance and protect yourself with a white light, chose a clear quartz or appropriate crystal for that chakra, holding the crystal in the area of the energy leak, around 5 centimetres from the body, moving in small circular motions for at least 5 minutes.

Quartz has the highest vibration of all crystals, and is a strong resonator of energy. It is also most likely to naturally grow into a point meaning they can be much more direct in their healing ability.

The chakras act as gateways as they circulate energy/vital life force to enter the physical body, via energy pathways within the body. They act as exit points to release lower frequency energy that no longer serves.

It’s important for chakras to be in good health as they when they are functioning well they promote spiritual, intellectual, physical and emotional wellbeing. If a chakra isn’t balanced it will give problems in these areas.

The sacral chakra represents emotion, emotional expression, pleasure, sexuality, fertility and creativity.

When blocked this chakras like to cause fertility issues, emotional issues, sexual guilt and obsessive compulsive disorders.

The crown chakra represents connection to the divine, all things spirituality, wisdom and bliss.

If blocked this chakra is likely to cause a feeling of being disconnected, especially spiritually, as well as loneliness and isolation, psychological issues and an inability to set or maintain goals.

Chakras and meridians work together within the body to create a perfect flow of energy. The chakras transmit and receive the energy and the meridians are the pathways which the energy flows through.

I personally prefer to choose my crystals by feeling them. I am quite sensitive to feeling energy as Iv had a career with touching the body and working on people for a very long time and always been aware that I can feel others energy or feelings as soon as my hands are on them, so using the power of touch is so important to me. Although I am also attracted to how shiny and colourful something is, I much prefer to be able to touch in all aspects of my job.

To cleanse my crystals my preferred method is to put them out in the full moon, as I have always had a fascination with the moon and followed it precisely. I even find my menstrual cycle follows the moon so my body is very in touch with its cycles. If I have a crystal that I want to cleanse ASAP and we’re not near a full moon, I do also have some tincture bells which I use for treatment and sometimes also use their sound vibration to cleanse crystals if needed.

I also prefer to use the full moonlight to charge my crystals at the same time as cleansing them as it’s just easier while they’re out there, and I love the energy the full moon provides. I have been working with basalt stones for doing hot stones massage for over 20 years now, and I have always known when the energy the stones provide becomes diminished, meaning they need to be recharged in the full moon. This makes such a big difference to the stones ability to maintain their heat and they perform so much better in treatment, so this has always been a go to method for me that I know and trust to be successful. however I do also have a large quartz cluster crystal lamp, which I often use to put crystals next to it for 24 hours, again if there is no full moon available and I want to energise a particular crystal.


I would really like to get to know pyrite much better as it is a crystal I have been using myself for a few years, but also one I never see listed often to discuss its uses and benefits.

pyrite is often known as fools gold, but is light in colour than gold, is harder and more brittle. It is an iron sulphide mineral, it can be found all around the world in many different forms, geological formations, sedimentary deposits, stalactites and as grains. It usually has striated cubes or twelve sided pentagonal dodecahedron crystal formations. It is usually a place brassy yellow colour, with a strong gold like, metallic lustre, although if some has become oxidised it can be a darker, brown gold colour.

It is an earth element, with hidden fire, that can be sparked by striking it against metal or stone. It also resonates with the fire energy symbolising the warmth and lasting presence of the sun, with the ability to generate wealth with your own manifestation power, it can bring confidence and powerful persistence to get things done.

As a talisman pyrite is a unique protector, drawing energy from the earth and into the physical body, into the aura, creating a defensive shield against negative energies, environmental pollutants, emotional attack and physical harm. Can also help in standing up with assertive action in protecting the community, protecting others and the planet.

It can guard against over controlling partners, criticisms or manipulation by others, lending the power to resist without becoming angry or upset, changing the balance of power.

A piece in the home or workplace can can energise the area, increasing vitality, reducing fatigue, stimulating blood flow to the brain to increase mental clarity, focus and recall. It will inspire creativity in maths, science, art and working with nature and the universe. It can improve qualities of ambition, commitment, perseverance and leadership so excellent if working towards promotion or needing a boost of self worth or confidence.


By using a pendulum, ask the question to find which direction is yes, usually meaning open and usually is clockwise, and which direction is no, meaning closed and usually anti clockwise answers, then holding it over each chakra and noticing which way it moves, to determine if the chakra is blocked or not. The larger the circle, the more open or blocked that chakra is.

Or the alternative view is that the pendulum should move in the opposite direction to the chakra before it, so changing direction for each chakra if they are in balance. Starting at the crown and moving down.


To cleanse the aura it is possible to wear lithium or strawberry quartz anywhere on the body.

Or you can cleanse the aura using a selenite wand and performing an aura sweep, this draws out negative energy and blocks while also bringing the chakras in alignment.


Today I performed a distance healing on a friend using my clear quartz, tigers eye and citrine crystals, held in my hand, while also asking for guidance to my spirit guide, angels and the universe.

After sitting in meditation for a couple of minutes and focusing on breathing, I started by imagining a golden white light coming down and into my crown chakra, flowing down through each other chakra and into the crystals to activate them. I then imagined my own root chakra energy flowing deep into the earth and connecting with a chord to ground me.

I then had a picture of my friend so that I could see her in my minds eye, through visualising the energy flowing through me, I could feel the energy and easily connected with hers through my minds eye. While I could certainly feel the energy flowing through me, into the crystals, which i could feel a lot of activity coming through, I was able to send the energy to my friend, but did struggle with visualising her receiving the energy. All I could do was to feel the energy and send it to her through my mind, but I couldn’t guarantee that her aura or physical body received the healing energy.

I did also visualise an aura sweep on my friend, which I also struggled with visualising, this is obviously not a strength of mine, and something I can see I would benefit from developing. I actually used my clear quartz for to perform the aura sweep, by actually performing it as if she were in front of me.

To finish I saw a bright white light surrounding both myself and my friend, I then thanked my crystals, angels, guides and the universe and trusted that my friend felt her healing and benefited from the session.

Grounding helps us to be centred and balanced, helps us to keep calm and cool in difficult situations, we make better decisions, are more authentic and become better at using our own power.

The laws of the law of attraction

An intense desire to have what you really want, imagination/visualisation, daily positive affirmations, stay confident and focused, have absolute belief and faith, be grateful for everything, manifest your desires and always be more grateful.

Crystals can help us to achieve our goals as they have the power to raise our vibration, as our vibration needs to match that of our desires, like attracts like, if we are to be successful in manifestation. Crystals can amplify the energy behind our desires to help align our vibration with our intention.


Crown chakra - clear thinking

third eye chakra - visualising

throat chakra - communication

heart chakra - positive mood

solar plexus chakra - self esteem and creativity sacral chakra - confidence and positivity root chakra - motivation

As crystals vibrate at their own unique frequency they are able to hold a memory through vibration. Once a crystal is programmed to a specific desire, it will continually send out the vibration or that desire into the universe for us. Speeding up the manifesting process and preventing self sabotage.

cleanse and charge the crystal, then program it with the intended desire, focusing on what it is you desire, holding the crystal in the right hand and visualise it as already manifested. See the image slowly disappear into the crystal while sending the feeling of it already manifested into it. The crystal will then stay programmed until it is cleansed and charged again.

If in doubt always go for quartz crystal in its varying forms as this is the one crystal which vibrates at the most highest level. They are very powerful in amplifying all vibrations, from whatever vibration you are currently giving out. It’s important to ensure that you are always thinking positive thoughts with a strong belief in your ability to manifest while working with this crystal to really amplify your power!

Crystal Healing Massage 

A wonderfully relaxing, balancing massage to calm the mind, ease stress and anxiety and leave you with a deep sense of peace. This is not a traditional massage for the muscles and soft tissue, but a balancing massage for the subtle bodies, aura and spirit. 

​The whole body is massaged using a balancing/Calming Aromatherapy blend, then a mix of smooth, different types and shapes of crystal are used over the body, with a slow, gliding, stroking pressure according to your bodies needs and wants. Leaving you with a deeply calmed and balanced mind body and spirit. 

​Treatment cost: £52


Energy explained- how do we create and use our energy!

We are bio energetic beings - energy that drives life.

Meaning we are conducting and changing Electromagnetic, thermal, elastic, kinetic, piezoelectric, vibrational, sound and light energy. All have measurable qualities to them.


We can measure electric energy within our bodies, it is converted, not lost and can change forms.

Inflammation is hot/thermal energy, elastic is held in muscles/tendons so we can bounce.

Sound waves can go into tissue like ultra sound, helps healing by heating.


Our heart has its own electrical current, as does the brain, the heart has an electromagnetic field that extends 15 feet from the body, some people can feel this if sensitive and it can be seen as an aura.


It has now been confirmed that there is electrical activity in fascia and connective tissue, which communicates throughout the whole body. This is a piezoelectric property, so you can feel changes within the body. Those piezoelectric properties will also change the body in other ways.


‘We are walking talking electromagnetic, piezoelectric, sound vibrational light beings’


Confirming we are energy!


We have control over our energy by how we move, the structural state of our connective tissue is highly organised, like a cobweb of highly organised crystal matrixes. It has the molecular shape of a crystal, it’s biological tissue is crystal by rule, not by exception.


In contrary, cancer cells are not organised, it is the exception, every cell is a liquid crystal, conducting electricity, semi conducts, insulates, what we are in the cells of our body. We are programmed to do these many functions, is the same was as crystals, as we are built in the same way.


Just as crystals propagate the piezoelectric effect when compressed, deformed or pressured they send information, as a build up of charge is sent in the form of piezoelectric current into and out of the tissue.


Our habits are an effect of our emotional energy, how you hold yourself in despair, imagine what that does to to your connective tissue, when your held in this way for any length of time.


You can decide anytime to reprogram and move, to find your brightest most optimal energetic self.

When we move, we are charging ourselves up, connective tissue goes through everything, the electrical charge that is carried throughout the body through the connective tissue is carrying information, informing the cells to build, breakdown, maintain, these cells are literally healing the body.


Your body can heal itself very well, if you can give it the right tools to do so, you can heal the way you feel by changing your energy and your emotional state.


Weight bearing will cause the connective tissue to thicken and strengthen, according to the stress placed upon it. (Wolfs law)


Compression through weight baring, builds up a charge, goes through the bone causing it to build more bone. Lifting weights is doing the same but more localised to the tissue, muscle where the load is, but when weight baring, it comes through the crystal matrix, we must weight bare to get stronger, the magnetic effect causes the blastic cells/building cells to work during weight baring.


We can change the way we feel by the different movements we choose, if information travels through our bodies, on these different frequencies, that affects our behaviour. We are tuning forks, we get the best out of ourselves when we vibrate at our highest frequency.


Connective tissue is structural energy, and has the key to our vibrational energy best, if we move in a variety of ways to pull on that connective tissue, we tune our tuning fork.

Pay attention to how your moving, not through the end range of motion, up, down, slow, fast, out of our habitual movement patterns, to change the shape of our connective tissue. To vibrate at a higher frequency, look at your posture, how you hold yourself, how you move with that posture affects your tissue, if you have moved this way for a long time, tissue will of adapted. Are you losing energy from these leaks from poor posture-movement? What is compressed and stretched changes the connective tissue, this changes the crystal structure sending out the wrong message to the cells. This can change hormones/ neuro endocrins, by the way we move and hold ourselves.


Are you low on energy? If so bring your arms over head, tighten core, feel your feet grounded on the floor, feel the matrix connection from the ground up through the body. Is anywhere feeling full or tight? Tighten anywhere you feel no lightness then relax it to mobilise and move connective tissue.

Chakra Balancing Crystal Healing

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