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Tranquillity Face & Body Ritual

A deeply hydrating anti stress treatment, relieving tension and stress, smoothing and toning skin.

Due to a unique massage, it creates an intense state of physical and mental well-being and comfort.

Offer Price Just £40 – Usually £60

Our April Offer will also be available throughout May

Aromatherapy massage, is a relaxing massage with the use of essential oils, tailored specifically to the person.

There are many uses for aromatherapy and essential oils-highly concentrated plant oils, which work in synergy, by using a combination of oils selected by a qualified therapist, together this creates a much more powerful effect than if used alone.

Research shows treatment may be particularly good for reducing stress, anxiety and depression, it can also help to stabilise your mood, improve sleep, memory and energy levels.

How does aromatherapy work

During aromatherapy massage, you not only inhale the aroma from essential oils, but you also absorb the molecular structure through the skin. They are thought to be absorbed through a process called osmosis, which means the molecule is so small that it can be absorbed into the blood stream, via the skin, affecting the whole body and organ systems internally. They are also able to work externally on the surface of the skin, by having antiseptic, analgesic and skin calming benefits.

Lastly essential oils are able to affect the mind and emotions, when you smell the aroma, this affects the limbic system and parts of the brain, evoking memories, or associations, but is also able to affect the nervous system. Meaning that aromatherapy massage can be very beneficial for stress, anxiety, depression and many other mental, emotional issues.


Reduces anxiety/ease depression
Boost energy levels
Speed up healing process
Boost immune function
Eliminate headaches
Boost cognitive performance
Induce sleep
Lymphatic drainage/boost circulation


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April Offer of the Month