***May Offer of the Month***

3 fabulous options to choose from

This month we are delighted to offer our Thai Oil Massage


Thai massage is based around whole body healing through the art of acupressure massage and meridian lines. By working along these lines, applying pressure the whole body, mind and spirit is cleared of negative energy and healed. It is a beautifully relaxing and meditative treatment, leaving you de-stressed and soothed. This form of massage is using primarily elbows and forearms, with some work being performed with the therapist on the couch. Includes full body, scalp and feet.

•Eases muscle aches and pains
•Relief from anxiety and tension
Increase in vigor and vitality

(this a medium/deep massage treatment)

You can also choose to add either our Tranquillity Facial (30min treatment) or a full Facial treatment at a fabulous price!

*Option 1
Thai Oil Massage - £40
(Usually £58)
1hr, 5mins

**Option 2
Thai Oil Massage PLUS Tranquillity Facial- £55
(Usually £88)
1hr, 25mins

***Option 3
Thai Oil Massage PLUS Full Facial Treatment - £65
(Usually £108)
1hr, 50mins

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April Offer of the Month - Available throughout May

Advanced Stress Reducing Facial

This Month we are delighted to offer our New Skin Regimen treatment

A Treatment for the Mind, Face & Body!

Whether the stress comes from our mind or environmental factors, the result is stressed skin we must protect our skin with a skincare and lifestyle regimen that is flexible and efficient to deal with our daily ups and downs.

Stress effects on skin:
Increased temperature. - Inflammation. - Dehydration. - Reduced cellular turnover. - Impaired skin barrier. - Increased sebum production.

Our NEW Skin Regimen Treatment -
is customizable to correct specific stress-related imperfections and signs of aging, Skin Regimen rejuvenates the skin and leaves you feeling recharged and ready to face your busy day.

The complete facial lasts 55 minutes.

You can also choose to add a relaxing massage, for the ultimate stress free experience!